About Us

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Your home, your style. One beautiful piece at a time.

In a time where high-end design firms and DIY tasks are abundant, Settled In Style was established to meet the needs of clients wishing for something in between.

They have a love for all things interiors and believe that everyone should come home to a beautiful and livable space they truly enjoy being in.

From accessorizing a coffee table to furnishing an entire home, the goal is to help you feel Settled In Style.

Our Team


Carly’s gift is seeing the big picture. Whether you are starting from scratch in an empty home or just trying to figure out a room’s finishing touches, Carly can tie it all together flawlessly and help you create a space that is beautiful and functional.

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Murray Peterson

While Carly is the woman behind the design, Murray is the man behind the hammer. Or drill. Or saw.  The list is endless! Murray saves clients the time, cost, and stress of hiring outside labor and helps to make all the ideas Carly and her clients dream up come true.